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WEMESURF course, 21-25 June 2010, Paris


• Access to the Ecole des Mines

Address: 60 boulevard Saint-Michel, Paris, close to the ''Garden of Luxembourg``
Telephone: +33 1 40 51 90 00
Web page:
Access page:

To get to the École des Mines you should take the special type of metro RER B
and get off at Luxembourg train station. Further take the exit "Jardin du Luxembourg". The École des Mines is over there.

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• Access to the Center of Materials, Evry

Address: Centre des Materiaux, UMR CNRS 7633, BP 87, 10 rue Henri Desbruères, 91003 Evry
Telephone: +33 1 60 76 30 00
Web page:
Access page:

A schuttle bus leaves at 7:45 from the central portal of the École des Mines. Attention, there are two shuttle buses: one goes to the Center of Materials, another goes to Fontainebleau, do not confuse them.

If you are late you should take a train RER D at Gare de Lyon, Chatelet les Halles or Gare du Nord. Choose the train in direction of Corbeil-Essonnes, Malesherbes or Melun. Pay attention that the train you choose passes the train station Evry Courcouronnes. The train you need has in its name the third letter "--P-" (ZIPE, BIPE, ROPA, RIPE, etc). Get of at Evry Courcouronnes train station and call one of organizers (contacts).

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